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Having trouble searching your songs??

here's some help to search the songs you want.


The easiest way to get to your song is search through the artist name. it's at the left side, first column. here's the screen shot

Search your song by artist name..

If you do not know the artist name there is another way.

Try search your artist name in the CATEGORIES section. it's located at the right column. here's the screen shot

In that way, you can search for your songs through categories. oh ya, if you find some of the link not click able. that is because there's no music uploaded for this section yet =)

Or you can choose to search it by using the Nav Bar.

Navigation Bar

the Nav Bar consist of - Home, About, song request, Upload your song, Forum. here's the screenshot for nav bar.


i guess that's all you need to know. If you still fail to find the songs you want. maybe it is not uploaded to the site yet. simply click on song request to request a song from NazaaHitz.

drop me a message if you have any problem withsong searching etc...i'll get the link for you.

Hope you will find this post useful. (sorry for the blur image =\ )




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